Bridging the Opportunity Gap: Enabling Marginalized Communities via Digital Technologies and Learning Resources

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Richard Geary
Sabahat Rafiq

Join us for a special session featuring:
1) Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF)

Richard Geary has lived full-time in Pakistan for the last 28 years, is founder of the Deaf Reach Program, and CEO of Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF).

There are more than 1.25 million deaf children in Pakistan, yet less than 5% of these have access to education.

Richard and his team are working to change this paradigm via the creation of innovative digital and communication technologies, enabling unprecedented access to learning resources for 1000’s of children who would otherwise be neglected – especially in rural areas where educational opportunities are extremely limited.

Their ground-breaking work resulted in the first ever digital online Pakistan Sign Language Dictionary containing over 5,000 words, and available free of cost nationwide. They also created PSL Stories, the IQRA Literacy Program, and other digital learning resources – all of which can be accessed here

FESF has also established Deaf Reach Schools, the only branch network of schools for the Deaf reaching rural areas in Pakistan.

Learn more at

2) United We REACH (UWR)

UWR helps expand educational opportunities for children in socio-economically stressed demographics by partnering with reputable academic institutions to facilitate access to quality education.

We provide scholarships and financial aid to children of humanity to drive development and sustainability in the under-served and un-served demographics in Africa. We also promote and partner in research in education to expand ranks of learners in underdeveloped nations in pursuit of educational equality through equity literacy.

We are opening revolutionary schools in Pakistan, with tablets for teachers, digital & science labs, art rooms, monitoring of classes, digital student attendance, weekly reports to parents, analytics, etc… all for extremely poor Govt and foundation schools.