Fireside Chat with Christine King

April 29, 2017 9:45 am - 10:30 am

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Naveed Sherwani
Christine King

A motivational Keynote & chat where Christine will share with us her 10 lessons learned over four decades on the path to career success!

Christine will start by sharing with you how as a young girl with an 18 month old son an less than $1.00 in her pocket, could not get a job because she was a female and a mother. she realized she needed an education. She took a letter from her welfare case worker to go to school, while on welfare! Fast forward she got into engineering to impress a guy which lead to an engineering degree and job at IBM. She will share with us how she started IBM’s ASIC business after she loosing her management position in a span of control action. She rose to the top running over a $2 Billion division for IBM. She shares how she balanced having kids and career & How she was replaced by a “Good Old Boy” and decided to leave IBM to become a CEO.